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6-Pack 3-LED Hanging Battery Lights for Lanterns, Cool White (Battery Powered)

Our Paper Lantern Lights are designed to be the best solutions for your Paper Lanterns!
Ideal for Chinese lanterns ranging from 8 inches to 16 inches, the MoonBright 6-Pack 3-LED Battery Lights for Paper Lanterns will save you money. The high efficiency of the LEDs means the included CR2032 button battery will give you an extended life of 12 hours or better. Further, with our bulk pricing, you will save even more.

Product Details:
This economical LED terminal is perfect for any night-time event, including wedding receptions, parties and just about any other kind of gathering. The battery-powered cool white lights will produce a beautiful glow in any of our small- to medium-sized Oriental lanterns.

Product Details:
These devices are easy to install and use. Hang this little light in your paper lantern with the included cord. Turn it on and off with its simple switch for instant ambience. It's about the easiest and most affordable way you can make your next evening event totally fantastic and memorable.

Product Details:
Bulbs: 3 LED Super Efficient Bulbs in White (included)
Battery: CR2032 (included)
Cord for Hanging: (included)
Dimensions: 1.5"W x 2.5"L
Burn Time: 12+ Hours

Product Details:
Ideally illuminates all our lanterns from 8" to 16"
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