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CLOSEOUT 12" Waterproof LED Rainbow Lighted Cube Light

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This 12 Inch cube is made of white acrylic material and is a fantastic decoration for centerpieces, bedrooms, dorm rooms, patios or backyards. Each light is waterproof and includes a remote control, built in rechargeable batteries and a plug to recharge them. The remote control allows you to have different brightness and lighting options such as flash motion, fade mode, strobe mode or smooth mode. You can also pick your favorite color! These decorative cube lights are sturdy & can be used season after season.

Product Details:
Completely waterproof and comes with a plug in recharger. One remote control can control multiple cubes in a pool or event setting. All cubes run on the same signal, this allows for easier convenience of controlling all the cubes.

Unit Features:

- 12"SQ
- Waterproof
- Remote Control
- Built in rechargeable batteries
- Comes with plug in recharger
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