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CLOSEOUT Fantado MoonBright™ Portable 12-LED Super Bright Cube Light For Lanterns, Warm White (Battery Powered)

Our U.S.A. patented Fantado MoonBright„¢ Paper Lantern Lights are designed to be the best solutions for your Paper Lanterns!
Bright paper lanterns can be an alluring beacon in any space, whether at a casual holiday gathering indoors or at a festive party outside. If you don't want to go to the trouble to hanging wires around that space, the MoonBright 12-LED Super Bright Paper Lantern Cube Light from the Luna Bazaar offers a clever solution.

This light bright cube packs plenty of power to illuminate our big lanterns up to 36 inches in size but can also fit inside the little guys down to 8 inches. Just hang these patented little trapezoidal lights in your Chinese lanterns and you will get warm white light at your command with a simple flick of the on/off switch.

This efficient little light runs on an included CR2032 battery and can provide up to 12 hours or more of soft illumination. Each one comes with its own cord for hanging.

Product Details:

LEDs: 12 LED Super Efficient Bulbs in Warm White
Battery: CR2032 (included)
Cord for Hanging: Included
Dimensions: 1"W x 1"L
Burn Time: 12+ Hours
Illuminates all our lanterns from 8" to 36".

*Exclusively Patented Design (US Patent No. D633.239S) - Please watch out for fakes and counterfeit Lantern Lights sold by others. These counterfeits are not bright and may not fit your paper lanterns correctly.
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