Making Mandala Magic

Posted by Maia Bissette on Sep 28th 2017

Mandalas have become the scene-stealers of décor – they’re colorful, contemplative, and their expression is limitless. We revere brides who build their own with candles, votives or mercur … read more

Tea Party Birthday Bash

Posted by Maia Bissette on Sep 19th 2017

As most parents would agree, getting your kids to sit down at the table for more than a few minutes is a daily challenge, as are the manners and etiquette all parents hope to inspire. Fall can b … read more

New England Summer Style

Posted by Maia Bissette on Aug 27th 2017

Summer in New England is a three month celebration, and we’re reveling in August’s grand finale. Everyone is in such a good mood, still grateful that boots and shovels are months away and looking f … read more

Festival-Going In Style

Posted by Maia Bissette on Jul 4th 2017

Whether you’re a Burner or on your way to Summerfest, a Jazz aficionado or Newport Folk Festival fan, upcoming festivals represent a pinnacle of outdoor venues, with a variety of conditions and … read more

Golden Hours Entertaining Ideas

Posted by Maia Bissette on May 30th 2017

Is there anything quite as thrilling as the realization that weather patterns have shifted, and the day has become longer and lighter? Finally, the hours after work until bedtime mean outdoor en … read more