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We are reluctant to call these paper lanterns 'cheap' because their quality and value are outstanding for the price. Our No Frills paper lanterns have been designed with the budget shopper in mind and are similar to what you might find from our competitors. Available in an array of tried and true basic colors, these paper lanterns feature pared-down packaging, wire ribbing and a simple C-hook expander. Our No Frills lanterns are intended for use with cord sets or battery lights only and cannot clip onto a light bulb like our Premium lanterns. Please note that the No Frills colors do not match our Premium Lantern colors although they may share the same color name. If you need truly matching colors please shop within one line or the other, either Premium or No Frills. As our No Frills lanterns are our budget line, they may have slight color variations between sizes. For a larger and more vibrant color selection, superior quality and color consistency please see our Premium lanterns.

Purple 6 Inch Round No Frills Paper Lantern (parallel ribbing)

Item #: SL6PL
Price: $0.83

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    great color of purple
    <p>i had order 50 purple and when i got them in its was the right color purple and they are so easy to set up, and they do have decirections if u need them in every lanterns, but u wont need them they are so easy to set up, just add a light, and some baker twine and u are ready to hang</p><p>great service , great product, great ship, this is my 5 order of lanterns</p><p>i order 50 pink</p><p>50 purple</p><p>50 white</p><p>50 light blue</p><p>50 mint or close to it</p><p>50 silver</p><p>50 black</p><p>50 gray</p><p>50 ivory</p>

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