Luna Bazaar As Seen In the Press - 2008 & Older

Our parasols were featured in the blog post titled REAL PARTIES: Retro Chic Bridal Shower. Blogger Jenn Sbranti says "This super-stylish bridal shower was designed/hosted by Alison Donahue and features the always-fabulous color palette of chocolate and blue, plus tons of pretty details like parasols, retro-chic coasters, paper-wrapped vases, and polka dots."


Our orange paper lanterns were featured in the blog post titled Modern Thanksgiving: Festive Florals & Colorful Details. Blogger Jenn Sbranti says "Paper lanterns [from Luna Bazaar] in various shades of orange like mango & peach create a festive feel on a small budget!"


Our orange paper daisies were featured in the blog post titled Trick or Treat.... Blogger Jenn Sbranti says "Here's some inspirational Halloween eye-candy for you from the fabulous Amy Atlas Events... How genius is the huge "tree" they created using branches, tons of *Orange Paper Daisies ($1.99 – $2.15 each at *luna bazaar) ..."

 - July 2008

Our parasols were featured in an article titled Beach Wedding Parasol. Author Amy Hoover says "Using a beach wedding parasol can help you and your guests stay cool and add a touch of simple elegance to a sandy wedding theme. ... A large number of parasols, from Chinese to henna to color to bejeweled, are available through Luna Bazaar. Some have discounts when bought in bulk, making them perfect for giving to guests and bridesmaids."

Two Brides blog - July 2008

Our parasols were featured in a post titled, umm... well... Parasols. Blogger Kelly Prizel says "... I decided we had to have parasols. No sunburn, less heat, and cute pictures. ... I looked and looked and ended up going with Luna Bazaar..."


Several of our paper lanterns, tea light holders, and fans were featured in the post Wedding Details by Luna Bazaar. Blogger Abby Larson says "I am kind of obsessed with the wares found at Luna Bazaar... painted paper lanterns, rice paper tea light holders, fans, party lights, vintage votive holders. They have all of your standard party decor items and SO MUCH MORE. I love all of the hand painted items, like that great paper lantern in the top right corner. So chic, so much personality."


Our eyelet paper lanterns were featured in a post titled Eyelet Lanterns. Blogger Mackenzie Sala says "I love, love, love their selection of shaped eyelet lanterns, and think they all would look amazing hung low over guest tables, lit from within in groupings of three or so? At these prices, you can afford to get a bunch. The light coming through the little holes in the eyelet will be fantastic!"


Our paper lanterns were featured in the blog post titled REAL PARTIES: Oh Baby! Baby Shower. Hostess Amy Belle Isle says "Q: Who says baby showers have to be pastels and lace? A: No modern girls I know! Treat your mom-to-be with a baby shower as hip as she is!"

Apartment Therapy - February 2008

Our eyelet paper lanterns were featured in a post titled, fittingly, Eyelet Paper Lanterns at Luna Bazaar. The writer says "We love using paper lanterns as lighting fixtures. They're cheap, classic and minimal, and work in almost every room - our house currently is sporting them in both the kitchen and the bedroom. But we always appreciate a twist on a classic, and these Eyelet Paper Lanterns do just that - the same form we're used to with just enough texture and fun to shake things up."

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