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This beautiful paper umbrella from Thailand carries an intricately painted henna design. This parasol umbrella stands out in our collection because it is water resistant and can be used to keep dry in the rain. Once wet, it just needs to be left open to dry out in between uses. And, serving double duty, it can also be used as a fashionable parasol to provide shade from the sun! This paper umbrella is 32 inches in diameter and has a 25 inch bamboo stem with a carved wooden handle. It is made of mulberry paper and the top is decorated with a carved wooden finial. Both the handle and finial are made with sustainably grown wood. Our paper umbrellas are beautiful as home decor (they look especially good when backlit!) and as party and wedding decorations. More and more, people are using paper parasols and umbrellas as party and wedding favors - they provide comfort and fun to guests during outdoor summer celebrations, and can be taken home as a memorable thank-you for the special day.

32 Inch Painted Paper Umbrella (Tibetan flame motif)

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    So pretty and classy, I can't wait to walk down the aisle holding this instead of a bouquet!

    C.C - Scranton, PA

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