Pre-Order Policy for Luna Bazaar

Luna Bazaar now offers the convenience of placing orders online for products that are out-of-stock or are new and haven't arrived yet.

Luna Bazaar will only charge you for the items that are available to ship immediately. If it's not available we won't charge you.

When an out of stock item is added to your cart:

- You will be advised by a message that the item is being pre-ordered.

- Payment for your entire order, including the pre-ordered item(s), will be authorized at the time you place your order. When your order ships, you will be charged only for the items that shipped.

- When the pre-ordered item(s) becomes available we will pack them, ship them, and charge charge your card for those items. You will receive an email confirmation of the shipment and the charge.

PayPal orders have a 29 day limit from when the original order was placed for us to capture funds. If your pre-ordered items arrive after the 29-day limit, we will contact you to request your credit card for payment.
If for any reason an item becomes unavailable after placing the order (for example, due to breakage), we will contact you by phone and email.
You may choose to adjust your order or place a pre-order to have it shipped later.

If we don't receive a response within 2 business days of our initial contact, we will remove the unavailable item(s) and ship the remainder of your order to avoid further delays.
A confirmation email will be sent prior to shipping the adjusted order.

If you have any questions regarding Pre-Orders please feel free to contact us at 1-800-223-1106. We are available 9am to 5pm EST, Monday through Friday


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