Paper Lantern Sizes and Colors: How to Choose

by Christine Boulton,

There are so many options of paper lanterns to choose from that it can be confusing even knowing where to start. The best place to start is with the things you already know: your wedding reception or event venue and the colors you have chosen.

Think about which of your wedding or event colors will harmonize best with the existing colors in your venue. When your guests first walk in their eyes will be immediately drawn upward to your paper lanterns, so think more about the paper lantern’s color in relation to the walls instead of the carpet.

Now that you have some idea of color, you will want to start by looking at the options available for your color palette. There are over 60 different colors available from Luna Bazaar. You can pick just one color or mix it up by bringing in different shades and colors. You can go for a more formal symmetrical look by using a single color in all the same size and hanging them in rows. If you are looking for something different mix it up by using several shades of the same color or 2-3 completely different colors in a variety of sizes.

Speaking of size, what size paper lanterns you choose depends on the size of your wedding or event venue and the look you want. Paper lanterns range in size from the very small 4” string lights to individual paper lanterns as small as 6” and all the way up to 42”. The bigger the room and the higher the ceiling, the larger you can go. 14” to 18” should work for most rooms. To add interest and dimension you can choose to use a variety of sizes, scaled to your room and hung at different heights. Put the largest near the ceiling and decrease the size of paper lanterns the lower you hang them.

Paper lanterns are measured flat, so a 12” lantern flattened will measure 12” from one side, through the center to the other side.

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