Paper Lantern Lights - LED lights & Remote Controlled Lights

Our LED lights are perfect for illuminating paper lanterns outdoors or any place you don't want to deal with electric cords. Our new remote-controlled LED lights provide even more convenience by allowing you to easily turn them on and off after the lanterns are installed and possibly hard to reach. LED lights are ideal for creating ambient and accent lighting.

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Lights for paper lanterns can go by many different names, though referring to essentially the same thing. If you're searching for our lighting products by some other name, this will help you find us: battery operated Chinese lanterns, battery operated paper lanterns, battery paper lanterns, battery-operated Chinese lanterns, battery-operated paper lanterns, lantern lights, led battery paper lanterns, led lantern lights, led lights for paper lanterns, led paper lantern lights, led paper lanterns, lighted paper lanterns, lights for paper lanterns, paper lantern lighting, paper lantern lights, or paper lanterns with lights. This is the right place to find them all!

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