Why We Do Not Sell Sky Lanterns & Why You Should Not Buy Them
Despite customer demand, we have chosen not to sell Sky Lanterns because we feel it would be irresponsible & a danger to all. Their potentional to turn a celebration into tragedy is a risk we cannot ignore. Don’t let your special day end in disaster! Shop alternatives below.
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We Do Not Sell Sky Lanterns Because:
· They cause fires.
· They kill animals.
· They litter & pollute the environment
& contain toxic materials such as asbestos, fiberglass, & other toxic fire retardants.
· They are potentially life threatening,

States Where Sky Lanterns Are Banned:
~ At Least 25 States & Many Jurisdictions have banned Sky Lanterns, including:
· California
· New York
· Hawaii
· Florida
· Connecticut
· New Hampshire
· Maryland
· Illinois
· South Carolina
· Utah
· Minnesota
· Washington
· Mukilteo & Kittitas County
· Arkansas

Countries Where Sky Lanterns Are Banned:
· Most of Canada
· Portions of the UK
· Germany
· Austria
· Spain
· Australia
· Cities in China, including Sanya
· Brazil (an environmental crime,
punishable by up to three years in prison)
· Argentina
· Chile
· Colombia
· Vietnam
· Thailand

Smethwick Fire Image by West Midlands Fire Service.
Sky Lanterns Are Never Eco Friendly!
Even if they claim their sky lanterns are (mostly) biodegradable & eco friendly, they are still dangerous and possibly illegal in your State.

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