How to Hang Paper Lanterns

by Christine Boulton,

One of the prettiest ways to decorate a tent for a wedding reception, or any space for that matter, is to hang a collections of paper lanterns from the ceiling. Hanging them couldn’t be simpler.

Here are a few ways to attach them:

If you choose not to light them, for a daytime wedding for instance, you can just tie a piece of mono-filament fishing line to the wire hook and then hang them from the rafters or tent supports. Or, for a more elaborate display, you can string the fishing line from end to end or radiating our from a central point in your event space. Then attach single lines of different lengths to the long lines.

Illuminated paper lanterns add a beautiful effect and are just as easy to hang. Using our paper lanterns with battery powered LED lights will work anywhere, but are especially handy if you want to light a garden setting. Our battery powered LED lights come with an elastic band on one end that attaches to the hook. You can then use the elastic band to hang them or attach it to a piece of fishing line if you need more length.

Another way to hang them is to use our light cords. Just hang the light sting from the ceiling at the desired height and place your paper lanterns over the bulb. This method works very well if you are going for a symmetrical look.

Here are few ideas on how to design your look:

Monochromatic: Pick several different sizes in the same color and suspend them at different heights.

Focal point: Hang them in a tighter cluster over a focal point such as the dance floor and then space them farther apart as you get farther away from the center.

Focal points: Use paper lanterns of the same size and hung at the same height for your main ceiling decor. Then use larger ones hung a bit lower over things you want to draw your guests attention.

Define a space: Use the light strings along the edge of a space, such as a tent and then hang more stings along the peek.

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