How to Fluff Pom-Poms

How to Fluff Pom-Poms

  1. Each pom-pom from Luna Bazaar comes individually wrapped in a plastic bag, and is tied with a white ribbon. The ribbon holds the pom-pom together, so don't untie it! It should be centered and tied firmly. Spread the pom-pom out like a fan and you're ready to start!

  2. Spread out one side of the pom-pom so it's almost flat. Lift up one layer of tissue paper so it's almost vertical. Lift it all the way around from edge to edge. It's important to lift the first few layers as far up as possible without tearing.

  3. Continue gently lifting, layer by layer.

  4. Now turn the pom-pom around and lift the tissue layers on the side that's still folded.

  5. Hang the pom-pom so you can fluff it all around. You're done! Allow 4 - 7 minutes per pom-pom.

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