Purple Cotton with Flower Favor Bag
This designer parasol is made with colorful mulberry paper which is hand-painted with an intricate gold henna design. The parasol is 28 inches in diameter and has a 25 inch bamboo stem with a carved wooden handle. The top is decorated with a carved wooden finial. Both the handle and finial are made with sustainably grown wood and are also painted with gold details. Our parasols are designed principally to provide shade from the sun. They can be used as colorful, protective fashion accessories on sunny days. They're also beautiful as home decor (they look especially good when backlit!) and as party and wedding decorations. More and more, people are using parasols as party and wedding favors - they provide comfort and fun to guests during outdoor summer celebrations, and can be taken home as a memorable thank-you for the special day.

Off-White 28 Inch Gilded Parasol (Tibetan flame motif)

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    Use it to shade from the sun. Seems like the quality is good but won't know until I use it awhile.

    C.T - San Diego, CA

    beautiful design!

    H.N - Roseville, CA

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