Decorative glass vases and bottles are a lovely way to complement your home décor or event venue. Our vases are perfect for displaying freshly cut flowers as well. Choose from a wide variety of color palettes and designs to best suit your style.

We offer a wide range of different vases including mercury glass and mason jar vases, as well as vintage inspired bottles, bud vases, milk glass vases and even recycled glass vases.

Our vintage glass bottle style is reminiscent of an antique medicine bottle and perfect for cut flowers. This style comes in different shapes including square, bulb, cone, round, cylinder, genie and urn.

If you are looking for a vase to complete your wedding décor, a milk glass vase could be the solution. It is fresh, simple, delicate, and complimentary to virtually any color scheme.

Luna Bazaar also offers hand blown recycled glass vases for a unique touch to your décor. No two pieces are exactly the same and items may vary in size. The uniqueness of the vases results in a beachy and vintage appeal.

All of our glass vases and bottles can be coordinated with our paper lanterns, parasols, and hand fans for an overall spectacular effect.

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