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This designer parasol is made with colorful mulberry paper which is hand-painted with an intricate gold henna design. The parasol is 28 inches in diameter and has a 25 inch bamboo stem with a carved wooden handle. The top is decorated with a carved wooden finial. Both the handle and finial are made with sustainably grown wood and are also painted with gold details. Our parasols are designed principally to provide shade from the sun. They can be used as colorful, protective fashion accessories...

Price: $79.00
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Our Ikat Balinese Festival Umbrellas are a fantastic addition to your table! The dark red fabric is made using the Ikat method of warp and weft. Traditionally, red is used in cultural traditions and offerings and give the the impression of bravery. The edges of the umbrella are adorned with gilded ornaments, tassels and bells. A carved wooden base can be added for table top use or the umbrella can be used as a decorative parasol. The handle has been carefully decorated with gilded accents...

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